OFFSHOOT GENERAL TRADING Co. L.L.C supplies Fire Resistant Cable approved by Ministry of Civil Defence (U.A.E) and is privileged to be associated with most of the leading Developers, Contractors, Electrical and Real Estate Companies in U.A.E.

About Fire Resistant Cables

Fire resistant cable is a cable which will continue to operate normally in the presence of prolonged fire for a specified time under defined conditions. Fire resistance cable should be certified and pass certain specified Tests by the local authorities.

Fire-resistant cable can still ensure the normal operation of lines within certain time in case of combustion. It is different from the ordinary flame retardant cable in that in the event of a fire, it may continue electricity transmission. The use of this product will allow high-rise buildings, subways, power plants and other major occasions to have better fire safety and fire rescue capability.

Fire resistant cable is applied to critical circuit which operates on energized to trip or energized to operate and circuit which needs to still operate during fire such as:

  • Instrument Cable related to signal for activating the alarms or abandon platform.
  • Instrument Cable for fire fighting equipment such as deluge valve solenoid valve.
  • Cable for safety evacuation and emergency service
    • The ability of a cable to maintain functionality during fire
    • The duration of survival in working condition

Resistance to fire is the property of a material or assembly to withstand fire or give protection from it and it is measured as the time (minutes) a product can maintain a level of functionality during a fire.

Fire resistance may be built-in both structurally and by the correct choice and application of building materials.

In particular, the resistance-to-fire (of a cable) is the term used to describe how long a cable continues to operate in a fire. This may be of primary concern, for instance, in life safety of fire fighting installations.